Insights January 2017

Opportunity Fund wins at Morningstar Awards

By Nedgroup Investments))

Nedgroup Investments funds achieved top honours again at the annual Morningstar Awards

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Thinking long-term in an unpredictable future

By Nic Andrew, Head of Nedgroup Investments

Nic Andrew

This year the focus has shifted away from South Africa (and Africa) to global issues and particularly the implications of Brexit and of a...

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Preserving capital in an uncertain world

By William Fraser, Manager for the Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund

William Fraser

For many investors, investment returns for 2016 were disappointing; irrespective of the strategies they followed.  Many – if not...

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So what is the fuss about tax-free investments?

By Seugnet de Villiers, Investment analyst

Seugnet de Villiers

Tax-free investing (TFI) has certainly taken off as the ‘no-brainer’ investment of choice in South Africa in the past two years,...

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Can SA remain investment grade?

By Rashaad Tayob , Manager of the Flexible Income Fund

Rashaad Tayob

The threat of a ratings downgrade hung over SA markets throughout 2016. And while the survival of Pravin Gordhan as the Minister of Finance...

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A tax-efficient strategy to enhance your savings during...

By Jannie Leach, Head of Core Investments

Jannie Leach

Bridging the gap between your short term financial needs and your future retirement income requirements can be challenging, especially if you...

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And then, Donald Trump was elected President

By George Cipolloni, Manager of the Global Cautious Fund

George Cipolloni

The populist wave that emotionally swept Great Britain a few months ago also swept across the US… and now Donald Trump is the...

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Draft Default Regulations: What are we in for – part two

By Denver Keswell, Senior legal advisor

Denver Keswell

While Treasury has made many amendments to their initial draft, it is encouraging to see that it has, in line with its commitment to act in...

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2016 – the year of the push-back

By JP Landman, Political analyst

JP Landman

2016 was simply a tumultuous political year: internationally Brexit and Trump; locally an enormous push back against excesses by...

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