Nedgroup Investments Core Global Fund

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Investor profile

The portfolio is suitable for investors seeking low cost global exposure to a range of asset classes as part of their overall investment strategy, with capital appreciation as their primary goal and who do not wish to make complex asset allocation decisions between equities, cash and bonds in global markets. Investors should have a high tolerance for short-term market volatility in order to achieve long-term objectives.

Risk profile

Medium to high

 medium to high risk

The greater the amount of risk an investor is willing to take on the greater the potential return.

Appropriate term

Minimum 3 to 5 years

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Morningstar category average

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Investment manager

BlackRock is the world’s largest independent asset management firm with over $4.7 trillion in AUM. They have pioneered and led the index fund market since the 1970s and currently manage around $3 trillion in Index funds and ETFs spanning over 650 benchmarks. The Nedgroup Investments Core Global Fund is implemented along BlackRock’s Total Performance Investment Philosophy which consists of constructing a solution that maximises the total return of a portfolio by considering the performance, cost and tax implications of different underlying building blocks.


Nedgroup Investments Core Global Fund (USD)

Period Performance
1 Year to 31 Jan 2017: 13.48%

Fees (excluding VAT)

Portfolio management fees

Minimum investment

Investment sum

Lump sum 4000 USD

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Multi-asset funds aim to provide investors with moderate levels of income and capital growth (at moderate levels of capital volatility), by investing in a range of different asset classes. These funds are often appropriate for investors with medium to longer investment horizons.

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Multi-Manager Funds

Our International Multi-Manager range comprises the Growth MultiFund, the Balanced MultiFund and the Income MultiFund managed on a fund-of-fund basis; each is available in US dollars or sterling. Shares in each sub-fund are accumulating, with the Income MultiFund also having a distributing share class. Three fee classes are available, a lower fee class being available to clients with larger amounts of money to invest; a "clean" class is also included.

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